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One BBC poll showed that fully two-thirds of respondents viewed Israel as a "mainly negative" influence on the world.

Could this bitter history, coupled with the ongoing close relationship between British and Arab monarchies, be a key contributor to the Queen’s refusal to visit Israel?

The London Guardian, the newspaper of choice for Britain's academics and media elites, has suggested on its front page that Israel's license to exist has expired: "The establishment of [the State of Israel] has been bought at a very high cost in human rights and human lives.

It must be apparent that the international community cannot support this cost indefinitely." Another Guardian article gave voice to the idea that Israel has "no moral right" and that its behavior "negates the very possibility of the existence of Israel as a Jewish state." Meanwhile, BBC host Tom Paulin declared: "I never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all." (BBC News considered it all a joke, declaring that Paulin's "knockabout style has ruffled feathers in the US, where the Jewish question is notoriously sensitive.") To avoid any doubt, this Guardian headline spelled it out unequivocally: "Israel Simply Has No Right to Exist." Looking Forward Which brings us to today.

Rabbi Shraga Simmons is the co-founder of, and co-author of "48 Ways to Wisdom" (Art Scroll).

He is Founder and Director of's advanced learning site.

This perception has perhaps been exacerbated by six decades of the Queen’s refusal to visit Israel.

Surely Israel doesn’t need the Queen for recognition or legitimization.

The Royal House of Windsor even has a long-standing tradition that every male baby undergoes circumcision by a certified Jewish mohel.

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