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All orders established since the Council of Lateran, and not approved by the Holy See, were to be dissolved at once. The importance of the orders thus singled out and exempted was afterwards still further emphasized by the insertion of this canon into the "Corpus Juri" in the "Liber Sixtus" of Boniface VIII .

In 1576 a plague broke out in Venice which in a few days carried off thousands of victims.

The church was designed by the famous Andrea Palladio, and the corner-stone was laid by the Patriarch Trevisan on 3 May, 1577.

The celebrated painters Paolo Veronese and Jacopo Tintoretto decorated the interior.

fret ; unlike the other Romance languages French has but the one word frère for friar and brother]. For the monk retirement and solitude are undisturbed by the public ministry, unless under exceptional circumstances.