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Alberta statistics violence dating current

Rape could only occur between a male offender and a female victim and a husband could not be charged with raping his wife.

It also blames the victim for the crime, not the offender.

Victims of sexual assault report a wide range of dress and actions at the time of the assault.

Studies on the profiles of rapists reveal that they are "ordinary" and "normal" men who sexually assault women in order to assert power and control over them (Helen Lenskyj, FACT: Men who commit sexual assault come from every economic, ethnic, racial, age and social group.

The belief that women are more often sexually assaulted by men of colour or working class men is a stereotype rooted in racism and classism.

According to Statistics Canada, only 6% of all sexual assaults are reported to police (Statistics Canada, The Daily.

(Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, November 18, 1993).

Most sexual assaults are committed by a man known to the victim who is likely to use verbal pressure, tricks and/or threats during an assault.