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The course is structured in a way which gives the student a worthy three year exposure towards the business functioning and makes them indus...

Toyota walked away with most of the learning benefits, you won’t be surprised to hear.

Alliances must be part of everyone’s thinking as the recession continues.

Read More The Department of Computer Science and Engineering initiated and inaugurated a Students Technical Club "DEVMETRIC" at Alliance College of Engineering and Design (ACED) for all interested ...

Read More My two years at Alliance University have groomed me to be a confident individual ready to enter the corporate world and has deepened this confidence by helping me get a job in my dream organization.

I base these on many years of experience working with companies before, during, and after their partnership efforts.

(I’m told that these principles work for marriages too). Both parties must have strengths on their own, because weak players cannot prop each other up.

By participating in the inter-university and intra-university events conducted by the School of Business, I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to w...

Read More The undergraduate management degree program (BBM) at the School of Business - Alliance University, is one wherein the students get the best faculty support, which helps them make wise career choices.

Expected benefits include economies of scale from using […] " Chrysler has received an Obama administration ultimatum: Finalize a strategic alliance with Fiat or else risk going out of business.

Indeed, having lost a Nissan alliance, which was part of Chrysler’s bailout proposal submission in November, Chrysler might find partnering with Fiat its last hope for viability. To get all this without selling Chrysler again to a foreign owner makes an alliance rather than a merger an attractive proposition. Alliances are the corporate equivalent of “friends with benefits.” The partners combine forces to achieve strategic goals of their own without getting married, being engaged, or dating exclusively.

The university celebrated a well-attended function to mark India’s 70th Independence Day.