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Are nat and allie dating

On the other hand, Germany felt unjustly penalized.

The "Beer Hall Putsch" was their attempted coup of Munich; it failed, leaving 16 Nazis and three German policemen dead. He was given a light sentence of five years, and spent only nine months in prison.

During this time he wrote the famous Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), his manifesto of plans for global domination and conquest.

The writings of Trotsky and Lenin reveal the efforts that “communist international” was putting into Germany.

Everyone was sure that Germany was the next country to go communist.

The military, the industrialists and others pressured Von Hindenburg into a special deal – to appoint Hitler.

The plan was to forge some kind of cooperative coalition.

But as soon as Hitler got into office, it became clear that he was not about to listen to anyone.

Within six months of appointing Hitler as chancellor, Von Hindenburg died.

Upon his release from prison, Hitler revitalized the Nazi party.

In German politics, the Nazis never had a majority in the government. Then in 1929, history intervened with economic turmoil of the Great Depression.

One of the stipulations was that Germany had to pay $23 billion in war reparations.