Start Buddhist views on interracial dating

Buddhist views on interracial dating

Even while dating, race or religion never became an issue. But the recent On The Red Dot series, Love Is (Colour) Blind prompted me to reflect on just how lucky perhaps we were.

But on the flip side, friends and not a few commentators on Facebook have asked: “Why is this even a story? He is Malaysian, Malay and Muslim, and she is Singaporean, Sikh and Catholic.

Three and a half years ago, when she became pregnant, they decided to tie the knot.

Hazre, a secondary school educator, was upfront about how religion was important to him.

With her full understanding, they both pre-empted their parents very early on in their relationship.“I knew first and foremost there were going to be challenges: Parents, friends, religion.

And such cultural conservatism isn’t just confined to our parents’ generation.

Some young couples my wife and I meet have no qualms telling us that they wouldn’t want their children dating someone of another race.

A recent survey by Channel News Asia, in partnership with the Institute of Policy Studies, reflects some of these response.

The survey found that fewer than one in four Chinese respondents were accepting of a non-Chinese marrying into the family; while fewer than half of Indian respondents indicated acceptance of a non-Indian into their family, according to the survey.

At the time, the cultures in what is now the Middle East believed that a metal dome above the Earth's surface separated Heaven and Earth.

He writes: "God created the different races and dispersed them because of man's arrogance. It does mean that was His plan and we show our arrogance again in the face of God when we say: 'We know You made the different races, God, but we have decided we don't like that and we are going to try and have all the races intermarry again to get it back the way it was because You messed it up God.' This is ultimate arrogance to God and His plan.

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