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By comment dating powered uri wordpress

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And, somewhat surprisingly, if you’re dangling from a power line you’re at the same voltage as the power line and there’s no need for electricity to flow through you.

But, if you get close to anything else, the voltage difference may be big enough for the electricity to “make a break for it” and flow through you and out onto whatever you’re near.

As a result you’ll often find weirdly shaped power poles, or very widely spaced wires in areas with large birds (large The people who work with power lines take a lot of precautions.

Everything is insulated, so that they don’t ever touch the wires directly, and even if they do, they’re not touching anything else that can conduct.

to touching anything else, and that the wire didn’t snap, then he’d be fine.

Getting into that situation and back out again however involves getting electrocuted pretty good.

But now, using technology designed for uses as divergent as space exploration and terrestrial search and rescue, we are finally able to explore the chamber behind Gantenbrink’s Door.