Start Dating a transman

Dating a transman

More surgery to transform other organs could follow.

And at his next ultrasound appointment, at the top of the scan image of his baby daughter he was classified as a ‘male’ patient.

‘They were wonderful about me being a pregnant man and giving birth.

I was the first they had come across so they were keen to learn and accommodate me.

At his first appointment he was psychologically assessed to confirm he was transgender and that he was mentally prepared to undergo the treatment.

In October, he will be given a testosterone injection, which will set in motion irreversible physical changes.

I am overjoyed for Hayden Cross too.’However, Scott still fears he could face abuse over his decision to have a baby as a man, and requested that his family name was changed in this article to disguise his identity.

Scott did not plan to get pregnant but discovered he was expecting after a drunken one-night stand with a male friend in August last year.

But in fact he had Trinity-Leigh seven weeks after Scott had Sara.