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Dating game grassroots

The event included discussions around themes such as developing an aesthetic and bias in game design, along with a series of lectures from prominent Toronto game developers and critics, and a free arcade event for the public.

Despite having just celebrated their first graduating class, Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Game Design program has been rapidity gaining momentum.

Most recently, students from the program were big winners at the seventh annual Level Up Student Showcase held at the Design Exchange in Toronto.

I made ambient sounds to act as landmarks, allowed players to hear their footsteps and hands touching the environment, and composed music to help guide the players.

When I first heard about Different Games, Blind was merely a concept.

My experience learning how to get around was how I came up with my ideas for Blind.

To bring the concept to reality, I used my skills in music and audio design to create a world made entirely out of sound.

The concept for Blind was something I had in the back of my mind for a long time.