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Dating humour

If we experience positive feelings, this subsequently leads to a positive evaluation of the other person.

So having established that most of us desire someone with a good sense of humour, we now need to explore in more detail precisely what we mean by this.

They are equally physically attractive, intelligent, interesting, friendly and compassionate.

The only difference between them is in the following.

"When people say they're looking for someone with a 'good' sense of humor, they mean a well-matched sense of humor," said Mc Graw.

"You shouldn't just have an arsenal of jokes that everyone finds funny.

The following bit is a good example of the Seinfeld strategy:.

Louie, and other comedy greats, can deftly make an audience do two things: laugh and think.

Therefore being able to produce humour is an indication of intelligence in males, and as such these males may possess better genes at least as far as intelligence is concerned.