Start Dating my man

Dating my man

I am considering breaking up with him because 1) that night after dinner she asked him to have sex with her and he still thinks its okay to be friends; 2) he flirted heavily with her; 3) he lied to me about flirting with her when the pictures clearly say otherwise; and 4) my gut is telling me there is a problem here considering he wanted to go to brunch with her without me there.

Join my private Facebook Community for FREE Handsome, charming, smart, kind and giving? When you meet a man who seems like the man you’ve been waiting for your whole life, instead of embracing the moment we sometimes get scared and nervous.

This is normal but it can be a huge set back in the relationship.

You casually browse his cell phone when he’s taking a shower to see who texted him.

If you’re always on his case even if he has absolutely no intentions other than staying in touch with a girl friend – he’s going to feel rightfully insulted by your constant questioning. Yelling at your boyfriend because you think he’s a cheater is useless.

Which brings me to my real point for any woman who is rightfully sympathizing with Kathy: You better make sure that the reason you can’t trust your boyfriend is because he’s ACTUALLY doing something wrong.

Not because your previous boyfriends have cheated on you. Not because he maintains friendships with attractive women and writes things on their Facebook Wall.

I really don’t want to leave this relationship but am worried about his continuing fidelity. –Kathy For any of you who think that I always side with flirtatious men, take another look here and here.