Start Dating springfield armory model 1903a1

Dating springfield armory model 1903a1

One receiver failed at 80,000 pounds and the other two at 100,000 pounds. The board made the determination of where the problem had occurred in receivers, and its from their deliberations that we use the 800,000 serial number for Springfields, and 286,506 for Rock Island receivers.

Of the 68 no serial number were available for 11 receivers, four of those that failed in 1917.

Two of the 68 were made at Springfield Armory and had serial numbers in the 950,000 range.

As such I have a considerable amount of training in statistics. Model 1903 rifle, commonly called the Springfield, was used by the U. Between July and December 1917 eleven rifle receivers shattered, causing one severe and 10 minor injuries to the soldiers using the rifle.

An additional 34 soldiers received minor injuries from receiver failures.

A second problem that Hatcher found was the hardness of the brass cartridge cases, and the design of the Springfield chamber-bolt interface.

He states: "One thing made evident by these tests is the fact that the weakest feature of the modern military actions is the cartridge case itself.

I recommend that we instruct our Ordnance establishments to no longer issue rifles with these questionable receivers, that such rifles be set aside and considered as a war reserve and the question of the ultimate replacement of the receivers be deferred.