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Not a fan of waiting or raisins, Allen has worked on Dole, Frito Lay, Thomas’ English Muffins, Nestlé, Bic, Ford Motor Company, Jack Daniels, and Finlandia Vodka (but didn’t mix the drinks and the cars). That’s pretty impressive in itself, but what really makes the promotion so outstanding is its ability to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption coming off as self-serving in any way. It’s really quite astounding in its efficiency.) There isn’t a wasted moment and the payoff is truly emotional.

” Guess that’s how she gets people to do the things she needs!

(She’s easy to please.) Luckily, she never encountered those while bringing a voice to brands like Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Sea Cuisine, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. It’s the reason the dude is still in business today. People who'd be open to trying new things if they were approached the right way. Easy to forget Healthcare Pros are real people, too. Well, a recent TV spot from Coldwell Banker will make you believe it's quite a lot.

He’s a self-made, family-loving photographer who loves the outdoors. We speak to the single mom who triples as science teacher, referee and motivational speaker. In a promotional campaign that has been going on for 3 years now, Coldwell Banker and Adopt-A-Pet have found homes for over 20,000 dogs.

He gets a workout strategically, too, with success across dozens of diverse brands from American Express and Capital One, Wheat Thins, Ocean Spray and Oreos, to Gardasil and Nicorette. Maybe that’s how he sold a newsletter to a cattle breeding organization called the “Bull Sheet.” No sheet! She constantly convinces people to have open minds when it comes to social media. ” a lot.) Guess her early stint at The Yellow Pages prepped her for today’s world of “like,” “friend,” and “poke.” She’s a savvy digital marketer who loves good cole slaw (detests when it’s bad). She does her thing to help people connect with brands from José Olé and Sea Cuisine to Chelsea Piers and Suburban Carting! After all, he went to 10 different grammar schools. And, if there are any doubts about his powers of persuasion, he got a kid to sell him his eternal soul for a 75¢ taco in high school. Tony believes that knowledge is power—it helped him deliberate with a salesperson over the price of a video camera. When he’s not at GWH, he’s playing soccer or out on his motorcycle.. Case in point: when backstage at a Ramones concert, he convinced Joey Ramone to play a song that they’d never played on tour. Craig loves action movies, romantic comedies, and the smell of leaves, because it reminds him of being a kid.