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I was reminded of the similarity of this method with that used by a fortune-teller in Canton (modern Guangzhou) during the 1930s to read my own father’s horoscope.

At the same time, I would take Needham’s approach whenever I managed to take time off to work in collaboration with him in his Science and Civilisation in China project.

Needham looks at traditional Chinese science from the standpoint of a modern scientist.

3 Working in East Asia in the next decade provided me with an opportunity to live among the local communities and to gain a better feeling for their thoughts.

xi PREFACE In order to avoid duplicating what Needham and his other collaborators would be writing, I sometimes took different approaches in my research, including trying to see things from the viewpoint of a traditional Chinese scholar - not to conflict with but rather to complement Needham’s work.

2 The riyuan and fate-calculation sociogram 158 11.

3 Auspicious and ominous combinations of stems with branches 161 11.

2 In 1964 I accepted an invitation to take up the Chair of Chinese Studies at the University of Malaya.