Start Eva 4 dating sim giude

Eva 4 dating sim giude

Axel, the Griffin, who is smart and reliable, but is more than meets the eye. Long ago, the four all powerful beings lived together in harmony.

Sachiho Takayoshi finds himself being the lucky guest to a brand new amusement park after drawing a ticket, but before fun and games can start an evil pig takes over the park.

He selects eight people to partake in seven deadly survival in seven days to rescue the hostages, but if they don't find the mastermind within them before the time limit EVERYONE BUT THE BAD GUY WILL GET EXECUTED!

Dx Sanada was staring down a yellow kimono and gray hakama, which would have been perfectly reasonable if it weren't for the starched, white ring of frilled and pleated linen meant to go around his neck.