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For long haul, it’s really down to personal preference, plus a few considerations I’ll detail below. There are broadly four main ways: Oh and of course, actually, you know, flying. They often also run special offer bonuses, so it’s worth waiting for those before signing up.

This is known as card churning – sounds dodgy, but the card companies are well aware of it and appear to accept it; presumably their KPIs are based on customer acquisitions, not relationship longevity… Things may well change in the future – it wouldn’t surprise me if six months becomes a year, or even two years at some point soon.

Indeed, MBNA is apparently far stricter, only awarding the sign-up bonus once – ever – for each brand of card (so once you’ve got, say, the MBNA Virgin Amex, you can’t cancel, wait and sign up again – well you can, but you won’t get the miles; however you could sign up for another of the MBNA branded cards, say Emirates, and get that sign-up bonus).

;-) The Lloyds Avios card gives you a free ‘upgrade’ voucher after a certain annual spend, which allows you to book a Club World seat on British Airways for the Avios required for World Traveller Plus.

The Amex Platinum card also gives you Gold status in various hotel and car hire schemes and, until recently, Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo club – which got you access to the One World business class lounges, including BA’s at Terminal 5, even when flying cattle class.

A couple of other things to keep in mind: you can squeeze a few thousand more miles out of your sign-up by getting referred by an existing card holder (who will also earn a few miles as well).

I am of course happy to refer you ;-) Just drop me a line or for Amex cards, go here.

The sign-up bonuses and fees are indicative and may have changed by the time you read this, but this should give you a rough idea: Some of these also offer additional perks, which may or may not be relevant to you.

For example, the Amex Platinum card and the BA Premium Plus come with pretty good travel insurance, which will likely save you upwards of £70 a year.

Head for Points is also well worth keeping a regular eye on once you’re into playing the game. It’s worth keeping in mind that every time you apply for a credit card, your credit score will be temporarily impacted, although usually only by a few points (which won’t matter much if your score is up in the 900s).

It will recover after a few months, but the upshot is you probably don’t want to be applying for more than a couple of cards every six months or so.

Some go to town on it, but my view is don’t take the p*ss…