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To identify as transgendered (tg) in the broadest sense is to have significant feelings and expressions of the gender characteristics and roles normally assigned by society to persons with the genitals which don’t match your own.

A transsexual wants not to just “pass” as the other gender, but to be and live full time as the other gender.

This process of moving from one gender to another is called transition and the ultimate goal for most is sexual reassignment surgery (srs).

For the majority of crossdressing males this is often a stay at home activity.

Drag Queens by preference are gay enjoying the fun of the other side of the clothing store and stage performances.

If it is mutually agreed between client and therapists that Gender Reassignment is likely appropriate, the Transperson begins their first physical change, hormone replacement therapy (hrt).

After beginning hormones, at least one year must be spent in a Real Life Test (rlt) where the T lives full time in their new gender.

Transgender after all means to “trans” or go across the gender lines which society has defined.