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He tells them he wants a divorce, claiming that since CBS Records was taken over by Sony in 1988, he has been treated not as a long- term artist but as "little more than software".

It would be a two-album deal, for which the singer would receive advances of at least $12m and royalties in the region of 21 per cent. Russell then read sub-clause after sub-clause, page after page covering every eventuality. When it was over, when every agreement had been signed, the singer went to Sarm Studios in west London to resume his creative career, content that his new work at last may be heard - and bought - by the millions who had secured his fame.

Throughout his dispute with Sony, Michael had maintained that his complaint was never about money; he had pleaded in court that he already had "more money than I know what to do with".

Following Michael's death on Christmas Day at his home in Goring, Oxfordshire, Dr Christoph Zielinski, head of oncology and respiratory specialist at the Austrian hospital, tweeted: 'In sorrow about the unexpected death of George Michael.

His caring team from the Vienna AKH express deep sympathy with family and friends.'Guests pay £70,000 a week for care including electric shock therapy - and Mr Michael will have known one of its most senior clinicians is a renowned therapist who helps gay men and women overcome depression or addiction.

July 94: Sony offers to talk again, but Michael says the situation is irreversible.

Michael and his manager, Rob Kahane, part company, a split agreed well before the judge described him as an extremely unsatisfactory witness. David Geffen, an old friend of Michael's and Kahane's, calls to say he thinks the whole situation is absurd and wants to act as a broker.

Now he had come to conclude the most acrimonious confrontation of all: the battle between George Michael and Sony Music Entertainment that had lasted a little under three years and had cost both sides many millions of pounds. Michael's present contract with Sony would be annulled, thus cancelling his requirement to deliver six more albums.