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This is a safe ratio to memorize for general knowledge but shouldn’t keep you from coming up with your own.

Slightly more complicated would be to introduce an emulsifier to our vinaigrette.

What a horrible sounding word to something that tastes so good.

Another would be to keep the oil and vinegar from separating. First you combine the vinegar and mustard, season with salt and pepper and then slowly drizzle in the oil while whisking the ingredients together. You may want to try making a blend of olive oil and some other type of oil.

There is no reason to use good olive oil when making a mustard vinaigrette. I like to mix my vinaigrettes in a used jar with a cover for easy storage. If the dressing gets low, just add some more ingredients, taste, and adjust the amounts.

You know the ones that won’t come out of the jar until you smack them a few times on the bottom and next thing you know you have a big funky glob of dressing on your plate.

I did a little research on the basics of preparing a simple vinaigrette to see how my tried and true recipe stood up to the pros.

On the table would be a cruet of olive oil and a cruet of red wine vinegar.

The waiter would come around and ask if I would like him to dress it.

) The other ingredients I typically add are garlic, dried parsley, and dried thyme.

Some recipes call for chopping the garlic, some mincing it, some pulverizing it with a mortar and pestle.

And although she was a very good cook, she had a few simple recipes up her sleeve that she could pull off at a moment’s notice. This vinaigrette is so simple yet so delicious, I’ve been serving it to friends and family for the last 20 years and still get rave reviews.