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They have a busy last day of engagements in the city before flying back to the UK tonight It's the final day of the Royal tour of Poland and Germany, and the Duchess of Cambridge certainly saved one of her best looks for last.

However in a stunning coincidence, it was commissioned before anyone realised that the Duke and Duchess were going to visit Hamburg. William said he had only been on Britannia a few times. Local newspapers and TV gave blanket coverage to the the Duke and Duchess' three day visit to the country The couple chat to their hosts as they arrive at Hauptbahnhof on Friday morning.

'I don't know it that well.'Asked if there were any mistakes, he joked: 'I will have a careful look. Later, they will travel to the Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall to listen to a special performance given by the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra for the children of Hamburg In an impromptu addition to their museum tour, the Duke and Duchess tried their hand at the cargo ship simulator, which allows visitors to experience what it is like to navigate a ship into Hamburg harbour.'Let's see if I can hit that yacht! He may have had the wheel, but the volunteer in charge of the simulator, Hans Trey, put Kate in charge and got her to sound the fog horn. 'You are the captain.'Afterwards he said: 'They did a wonderful job.

He knew exactly how to steer – I didn't have to tell him.' The couple were also shown a 6.9 metre long Lego model of the liner Queen Mary II, and met a group of scientists working on a variety of ocean-related projects, part of the UK-German Year of Science.