Start Guys jacking off chat

Guys jacking off chat

Despite orgasming in the same room, we were all relaxed and casual. I was about to say thank you when she lightly grabbed my dick and stroked it once.

I looked around the room for Kelsey to help but she had disappeared. I stared at her cute face and big eyes as she worked her tongue around my head.

I finally opened the bottle, only to find it completely empty. I put on my jeans and Kelsey walked me to the door. "Hope you have fun with those," Kelsey teased a little tentatively. They would be a perfect companion for the Jerk Off Folder.

I desperately shook it around, too horny to think of anything else. I walked home wondering if these bottoms along with Kelsey's panties would together smell like the day we just had.

I continued to masturbate to them but my stroking started to feel too rough. I tried to squeeze out more but nothing would come out.

This was just getting good," Kate teased in a fake sad voice. "Last order: I want to see you jack off in front of us." "What?! She yelped embarrassedly and cupped her pussy with her hands. It was so hot seeing someone as sexually confident as her lose control.

Bet you're happy we took all those photos," Carly teased. Kelsey sucked and upstroked my dick at the same time, giving me a tight feeling of suction.

She sucked my dick lightly and delicately, my whole body slightly shaking from the sensation. My dick became more and more sensitive to her slight tongue movements.

She got up to the other side of the room and grabbed her clothes.