Start Imperial beach chat lines

Imperial beach chat lines

Florida's east coast will have power fully restored by Sunday.

Recycling and horticulture will not be picked up yet.

Hundreds of residents are stranded by the high water and most don't have power.

Utilities trucks from across the country were lined up for miles on Interstate 75 southbound Sept. The trucks used the weigh station as a staging area before they deployed to every corner of the state to help millions get back on the grid.

Lee County Commissioners will be asked to declare a state of major emergency this week, to allow a series of steps to help people recover from the impact of Hurricane Irma.

Locally, the Board of County Commissioners will be asked the declare the emergency at a special meeting on Thursday.

DOT’s crew continue to check Lehigh for drainage issues.

Captiva update: DOT has completed work clearing streets and roads on Captiva.

Harry Chapin Food Bank officials are hoping for more water and meals ready to eat today so they can hand them out to the needy. The poor are in need of food and water after Hurricane Irma lashed out at Southwest Florida on Sunday.