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Interested dating friend romatic ecards

I saw somewhere else a Micheal Robert scammer who doesn't spell Michael correctly. and of course widowed, oil rig engineer, pretending to be American working in Scotland The profile picture is of him with a young boy and as soon as I told him that he couldn't be American he stopped playing. HE was away out of town and she was home with the nanny in Florida. He just recently started playing and is like 200 points ahead of me. I've had scammers try on Instagram, but never on Words with friends. My thing is I’ve never heard of strangers asking strangers for money in Such large amounts as if it’s no big deal. It upsets me that a man would think I would fall for him and give him money I worked for or Money I don’t even have! Reading the list of warning signs was like reading our conversations. Will never again play with anyone I have not met in person! I figured it was because he was Italian, So he said. He had a hotel there given to him by his deceased Father and wanted to put the money he got from this job into the hotel. He was furious when I started asking him questions about all this. Each time I had to send the money to Nigeria or New York via western union or money gram. He too was an engineer, his English was good, but it was obvious that he had ulterior motives. 19 yr old daughter, widowed, a marine engineer living in North Carolina and from Norway. However, I started getting two to four requests a day from these guys. I've had quite a few men starting chats lately, and acting very familiar.

Says he has only been playing Words with Friends for a short time, but racks up high weekly scores. He won a contract and then was able to up and leave his home with a six year old son in tow and move to Nigeria for a month within 24 hours. So I googled and it turns out he is not the only one. I had about 9 guys trying to scam me - all around my age in their pictures - started their chat with "Hello Beautiful"..... He does want money or use your account to launder money.

Says he is a renowned Engineer working with oil rigs. That's what clued me in, prompting me to look up scammers on WWF. While dealing with this guy, I got approached by another guy who's a widower and works for "the American airline" as a pilot. Started out with "hello beautiful." Almost immediately asked me to chat on Hangouts. He says he works for Waylink Oil in an oil rig 400 nautical miles from Ireland. If you could share anything email me [email protected]

He talks about wanting to find new love and how when he first saw me on words with friends he felt he had to say hello. I was contacted by a third, but I can't remember his full name. Also originally from a foreign country, living in Louisiana and a widower. I should really resign as soon as they pop up, but I can't resist finding out of they are widowed or divorced and working in the oil industry!

Didn't get to the point of asking for money, or anything like that, but I became suspicious when I saw his high accumulated weekly points, the occasional grammar errors, and the fact that he still wanted to continue being "friends" when He found out I was 80 plus years old. I figured it was all the same guy....asked what I did for a living...asked if I had enough money to cover my bills. Who says "Hello Beautiful" to a stranger on a Word Game, and to be honest, how many men are playing the game - I had an overload of them. Smooth talker, nice pictures, promised not to hurt me, and so on. He started with "Hello my dear" and then I Knew it was a scammer right off.

I asked what it was and he said it was just something interesting he found. VERY romantic, professed his love in songs, words, ecards. 👹They are absolute scum and scammers preying on middle age women with money. He has 1 daughter who is 12 yrs old who goes to boarding school in Africa. 3 weeks after we met he had to leave to an offshore rig near Amsterdam. After a couple of weeks I gave in and sent him money. Had a Garth Mueller try and take me for a bunch of money. APPARENTLY HE IS A CONTRACTOR STUCK IN CHINA WITH 2 BROKEN LEGS AND HIS PAYCHECKS ARE BEING HELD. VEEY ROMANTIC AND USES THE RIGHT WORDS TO GET YOUR MONEY. DO NOT ACCEPT GAMES WITH THIS SCUMBAGAND HOPE "Garth" YOU ROT IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL Agreed. Saw a picture of him on this site and guess is also Nyland Jonas. Anyway, after I figured him out I got out of the game for a while. I finally figured out that it was impossible for that many random scammers to find me and realized that Chris Anderson was using my user name. He's an oil rig engineer in Denmark but his 15 year old daughter is in United State boarding school. "I am a Telecom Network engineer and I work on my own as a freelance project contractor. I'm originally from Italy to be precise, I was raise in a town called Milan. My father died in a car accident which affected my Mother and she got an heart attack, but since then i have always try to live my life to the Fullest and ready for what the Future holds for me, like you and i know, OUR PAST ONLY MAKE US STRONGER AND THE FUTURE MAKE US WISHER."Anyone else have this guy.

One has a photo sitting at a desk with a vertebrae model behind him. Asked me to send him a phone to his assistant in Nigeria and then said he needed money after chatting for a few months. Here is another one, Andre Cabot or also spells his name Andrea, same profile, wife died of cancer, two daughters, 21 and 17. Would not talk on the phone but only through WWF or email or chat room. They are quite loving and say all the right things. All this person wanted was for me to use Viber and he wanted my money. Ladies, especially seniors watch our for this lowlife GARTH MEULLER. Says he is a realtor and also a professional binary option trade and bitcoin miner. Has anyone been contacted by Erik Damon, James Romas,or Patrick Simon? He wants me to tell this guy my bank account so he can deposit money into it. Claims he's been a widower for five years but has a daughter. I believe that "distance means nothing when someone means a lot"I am able to write to you who lives far from my home because distance can be countered by a good communication and like I said, I am ready to relocate for the right woman.

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