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Is julia allison still dating andrew

THE WIFE FLUFFERCOSMOPOLITANJANUARY 2010BY JULIA ALLISONLast week, I got a call from an ex of mine, a man I truly believed I would one day find in a tux at the end of the aisle on my wedding day. In fact, I’ve been a Wife Fluffer upwards of SEVEN times. Either way, the truth must be told: behind every Great Man with a Wife is a Great Wife Fluffer. They just happen to be less like elaborate timepieces and more like, well, taxicabs. It usually has very little to do with the girl he’s dating at the time, and more to do with job security, emotional maturity, biological clock, etc,” says Shanna D, 23, in public relations, “If a guy is ready, he’s ready, and if you as his girlfriend aren’t ready and for some reason it doesn’t work out between you, he’s still going to be ready after you break up.

While she's sporting a pink bow in this photo, I actually don't dress her up on a regular basis.

My roommate, Julia Price, is convinced she's secretly a tomboy biker chick dog who hates all of this pink nonsense.

This news officially made me a Wife Fluffer – and the worst part? Below, the Top Five Wife Fluffers of all time:1) The Last Hurrah She’s “the Marilyn” – the quintessential over the top, hedonist, fun, sexy nymphet. Nothing primes a guy for marriage like a girl telling him she doesn’t want it – even if that girl isn’t the one he marries! That sometimes, when you find the right person, staying in and making pasta then doing it on the kitchen counter is more fun than going out and getting sloshed and going home with a random.”And from a guy’s perspective? “If I marry C, I might have learned something about about myself while dating B that better set me up for C.”Exactly. I think, sadly, this kind of perspective inducing break up is needed form them to figure out it’s time to settle down.” ——-Someone’s Got to Do It“It’s an important job, that of a wife fluffer,” Elizabeth says. Besides, the way I see it, one day, the guy some other girl fluffed will be knocking on my door, and I’ll be ready.”In the meantime, Wives?

All of a sudden I was $700 lighter in my wallet and the proud owner of a dozen of her classic wrap dresses.

Riding on the bike path north from Marina del Rey to Venice to Santa Monica, i Tunes playing, soothes my soul.

In fact, I loved it so much, I designed my very own pink & green beach cruiser, called The Watermelon!

Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones My inspiration board where I pin anything that, well, inspires me, including a photo of my puppy Lilly in a Luis Vuitton dog bag when she was just six months old, a pink Valentine's Day card from my beloved late grandmother, a magazine cutout of me from Fashion Week next to my design hero, Betsey Johnson, the poodle from a skirt my mom hand-made me when I was in 2nd grade, and my favorite quote, by Eckhart Tolle: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jones My friend Amanda Mihaly gave me this pink Bebe heart purse for my 29th birthday.