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She said: "I was 62-years-old, I had separated from my favourite ex-husband, I was very sad that the marriage was over."I moved into the home of my daughter and I remember standing in the middle of the room and I realised I didn't need a man in my life."She also added: "For a very long time I was a pleaser of men."When I turned sixty I said there's a lot of things I want to change about this marriage and Ted said: 'you don't start changing when you're sixty', but my opinion is that we don't stop changing until we die.

Speaking of the experience with King of Pop Michael she joked: "I couldn't see anything, it was dark", before adding "I tried!

" The 77-year-old fitness guru is known for her political activism, including her controversial opposition to the Vietnam War in the 1960s and her support of feminist causes.

When it comes to — ahem — matters in the bedroom, what can you say in Italian to (wink) get things going?

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Speaking to host Fabio Fazio on the Italian State RAI TV show Che Tempo che Fa, the This Is Where I Leave You star said she was happy to be single and stand on her own two feet.

In one honest statement she revealed: "I'm 77 – If I never have sex again it will be sad but I'll be ok."The actress was opening up about single life after her she broke up with her third husband Ted Turner in 2001.

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