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Kristen dating site

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Angelina Jolie and Kristen Bell tortured in bondage. She is one of the most desirable submissive of all times and she is is finally your slave from now – obedient, shackled and completely naked!

No ‘great idea’ for a book ever became a best-seller.

I cannot recall any half-finished ‘perfect’ manuscript ever becoming a runaway success, but plenty ‘meh’ finished ones have. There are more than fifty shades of why audience tastes are vastly unpredictable.

Being an author might be a second or even third job, but it IS a job—a ‘real’ one.

Writing isn’t our hobby or our ‘little thing’ and it merits serious priority.

We could be tired, have a hormone out of place, woke up too early to the cat puking on the carpet SIX INCHES FROM TILE and we’re hypercritical.

Everything word is dreadful, tedious, and pure tripe. There are GOOD REASONS WHY this is a dangerous time to edit.

Submissive celebrity Kristen Bell thought we'd never disclose her kinky BDSM secret.