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Very pleased we came - great value for money and very lucky with the snow.

Not helped at all by invariably being cold and served on stone cold plates!

There has been a LOT of snow in the last few weeks and skiing conditions were perfect. The slopes still look that way although the town snow is now a bit dirty where the bulldozers have been clearing it.

Ski lift facilities are very good and food prices on the slopes are much more reasonable than Austria/France etc. Accommodation was very good, better than expected - clean, warm rooms and plently of hot water for showers.

The best times there are from mid Jan to Mid March.

For spring time the premium ski resorts in the swiss alps are your best bet as there are glaziers over there well into summer time.

I thinking about to go to pamporovo in the beginning of april 2010.

Can somebody tell me if there will be enough snow that all slopes will be open? And I would like to know if there would bei enough people for amusenment in the evening.

We have plenty of snow and I can asure you there will be plenty left till 11 April.