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Baugh has enlisted most of his family; the Molossian citizens include his wife, the seven children they have between them, two grandchildren and other relatives – as well as animals.

While most years are pleasant for the small country, the President noted that there were Trump supporters who weren’t fans of his family’s ingenuity.‘There are a slice of people who don’t get it,’ he says.‘But we do get questions about if there is ever any pushback - and the reality is no, because the people who might have that problem, they don’t get it, so they don’t see it.‘It is invisible to them; the idea of a guy dressing up and having his own country doesn’t make sense to them so they just tune it out completely.’ The idea of Molossia was also not very popular with Baugh’s first wife, according to First Lady Adrianne.‘She didn’t even want a sign in the yard,’ says the 38-year-old, who married his Excellency in 2011.‘From the two years that they stopped being together and he met me, he put in a couple of buildings and he had done a few things and he put himself into it, but I think he was still not sure.‘Then when I became involved and this has become so much fun.’The former preschool teacher met her soon-to-be husband on the dating site

‘A lot of these kings just go around in suits and that’s boring. It is all about the look.’President Baugh loves showing around tourists, who can go to the country’s post office and buy stamps, visit the trading company to buy t-shirts and other Molossian paraphernalia, grab a drink at the tiki bar and grill and even stop by the Molossian bank for the national currency Valora – chocolate chip cookie dough and poker chip coins.‘Last year we got 101 tourists,’ says Baugh, who loves the tourists dollars that come in to help Molossia, which he has deemed a ‘third world country’.‘I was shooting for 200 because I am in a competition with the tiny island nation of Nauru which is out in the western Pacific and they are the least visited country on earth.’‘It would be super cool to beat an established UN nation.’And they're well on their way; the tourist season this year has already beaten last year's total, with 109 visitors touring Molossia before the Fourth of July.

The increase of visitors in Dayton County means more money not just for Molossia but also for the country’s American neighbors.‘They like us because we bring tourists in.

Baugh wears a special uniform to most formal occasions, parades and tours that his family gives of their land.

He dons flashy white jackets with a sash of the country’s flag, a hat with the national crest on it and a variety of medals, most of which Baugh awarded to himself.

The roughly two-hour expedition takes them past The Tower of the Winds, a monument that includes decorative items and red lava gravel ‘dedicated to the wind and the desert and as a symbol of our nation,’ Molossia’s extensive website explains.

There’s also Red Square – home to a post office, trading company and bar and grill – and Norton Park, a ‘tranquil garden where Molossians can relax and enjoy life.’Molossia has its own currency, rules and identity – despite its geographical location in Nevada in the US.

People come from all over the world to see Molossia and who doesn’t like tourists’ dollars?