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So, we had to wait for my wife and for Anne's mother. Bibi had already loosened her Pareo and walked, naked, up to her mother.

We all stood up to greet her and Lucas kissed her rather shyly. There's, of course, the occasional sauna visit but that's it, more or less, for public nudity." We talked as we walked to the dressing room and, when we walked in, I saw the surprise on Carolina's face.

As always, all persons have reached the age of eighteen years or more since they were born. Many thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable.

English is not my first language so it may have otherwise read as if you were listening to somebody from a foreign country.

While I was inside, I heard Tanya's voice in the hallway. " Remembering Anne's behaviour this morning, I had to smile. Funny girl, Anne." I was going to start asking what she had done when the toilet-door behind me opened and another woman stepped out. "Dad, may I introduce you to Valerie, Marc's partner and Anne's mother? It was quite a full bush, accented by the fact the she had shaved her bikini line very straight.

"Here, to the right, are the toilets and the dressing room is a bit further to the left." Most of the footsteps went on to the dressing room but I heard at least two people entering the toilets and closing the doors. Then she did something remarkably unfamiliar to me, as a man, concerning a woman's behaviour in dressing rooms.

From the hard-core eco lovers, who had a place to grow their own food, to 'normal' families with small kids, to the more libertine nudists, an eighteen plus only group.

But everybody all lived together, naked, and respected each other's different naked lifestyles.

Mothers who were too curious not to be scared away by the fact they had to get naked or who were attracted by the idea.