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It's so delightfully humiliating when Lisa Eichhorn is forced to strip naked along with her male comrades-in-arms.

I have seen dozens of letdown films where a man and woman are captured, and of course, its the man who gets interrogated. They offed the male agent and captured the girl, and so I'm very pleased with this.

She was fighting them with a gun, and they overwhelmed her.

That pic is from a scene in the movie, where the interrogator holds the phone up to her ear and she is given one chance to admit she's CIA and "talk." I forgot to add that after she refuses, and the terrorist on the other end tells her to "enjoy her stay at the spa," when that scene cuts away, she does start several rapid, low pitch moans and screams, and this implied to me that the interrogator basically started beating her as soon as he hung up the phone.

One of the reasons I use a Linux Ubuntu workstation and Google Chrome--fewer viruses target that OS and browser at this point in time. AVG has gotten great reviews for their 2012 version. It is probably a great idea for all GIMPers who go, umm, exploring the web, to make sure they have a vigilant antivirus/antispyware application running. Bill K wrote: I believe Damian art is terrific quality but sadly for me, he creates almost no bats peril art and little fiery peril art.