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Until that time, humanity seemed a bleak existence -- why, the 20th century alone saw the world ravaged by two world wars, a tense period known as the Cold War, and various regional conflicts.

Because the update features a lot of small updates, here's a list: Due to some self-imposed challenges I re-evaluated some write-ups and improved, I think, the sections on Deathgaze and Mandrakes.

I added info on how the global timer on the Floating Continent will abort battles when the place is about to blow. ) interesting changes to the Phoenix Cave section: I had overlooked a Teleport Stone chest which has been added, clever maneuvering can get you past some spikes with only 400 HP damage (not 800 as I claimed) and I added some info on how random encounters are twice as rare in the Phoenix Cave.

I noticed that I used 'Confuse/Confused' and 'Muddle/Muddled' to indicate the same thing. Implemented a note about the way the Floating Continent handles available monster formations for you to fight.