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Nzdating bf2

A new Reverse mode makes it easy to get trippy 60s and 70s-style effects, while the newly designed Warp mode creates radical delay effects on the fly.

The chips we use take about 40% more power (goes from 16m A to 23m A), so a battery will not last as long, better to use a power supply.

A normal alkaline battery will still last over 15 hours, so you can still use batteries if you want.

See our delay mod page for more info on the DD2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. COM for ordering so you and we can easily keep track of the order status, tracking numbers, etc.

If you plug something into the DIRECT OUT on the DD3, the main output will be only the delayed signal. If you don't need the features of the DD-6 (long delay time, stereo inputs, tap tempo, reverse mode) or if you want the ultimate warm tone with nearly one second of delay, the DD-3 with our high cut mod is the way to go. '04 Boss DD-5 Delay, new, $155 or $200 with reverse mod switch Sorry no longer available We have a reverse KILL SWITCH mod and a HIGH CUT mod available if you have one of these pedals. '04 Boss DD-6 Delay, reverse mode, tap tempo, warp mode, 5 seconds delay, $155 No longer available Sorry no longer available, DD7 is now available with better features.

When it's not ON, it does not use much power, about as much as an analog pedal.

When ON and you are tuning, it does boot up the computer chip so it uses a lot of battery but if you don't tune for more than a few minutes a night, a battery will last pretty long.

The STEREO inputs allow sending both outputs of our STEREO CLONE CHORUS through the delay and keep the signal in true stereo!