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In short, the number of people visiting the dark web is a fraction of overall Tor users, the majority of whom are likely just using it to protect their regular browsing habits.

Shutting these sites down is "like a game of whack-a-mole," Evan Kohlmann from Flashpoint, an intelligence company, told me last year.

had managed to garner exactly 0 bitcoins at the time of writing, and this was also the case with another I discovered recently.

For years there have been sites where you can instantly buy a stranger's Social Security Number, date of birth, full name, address and phone number for under a dollar, or others that host reams of stolen credit card details, ripe for a fraudulent spending spree.

Terrorist forums are also hiding in full view of anyone with an Internet connection.

In fact, it is rampant when compared with what's available from hidden sites.

Last year, the Internet Watch Foundation, a charity that collates child sexual abuse websites and works with law enforcement and hosting providers to have the content removed, found 31,266 URLs that contained child porn images. The collection of all these hidden sites is not, as is commonly spouted by governments and many members of the media, several orders of magnitude larger than the normal web.

Finally, the dark web is not some zone beyond the reach of law enforcement.