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Patti reilly dating

Our own home state of New Jersey shamed us for that anti-gay tragedy: Who are we to cast stones at the Midwest when our own state is homophobic?

She looks stunning tonight in a gorgeous, two-toned peacock green sleeveless gown with feathers on one side of the bodice.

But in any event, Mizrahi was talking about how he likes to stay home during the upcoming holidays and relax, with his boyfriend. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, at least in our book.

But the only designer on home shopping that we recall being so out of the closet is the late-great Wayne Scot Lukas, when his appearances — filled with double entendres — on HSN cracked us up.

Kardashian was on QVC Saturday morning hawking her new DVD set, “Fit In Your Jeans By Friday,” for $25.

The DVDs include “butt blasting” exercises, and Kardashian demonstrated the “tush push” on air.

This unflattering dress is apparently by QVC designer Isaac Mizrahi. Robertson’s side ponytail is not such a great look, either. Now model Camila Alves, actor Matthew Mc Conaughey’s baby mama, is showing off a pretty fringed bag and a huge bag she did for QVC.

She is dressed in a beautful black sequined dress, and looks stunning.

Former QVC host Dave King, who is now at Shop NBC, is also in LA.