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Personals dating serves

So remember, have patience and ask for fingers first. Next, let’s divide your women into two general categories: those who accept anal stimulation themselves and those who don’t.

And how can you get this idea across without her thinking…you are a freak/gay/twisted/weird? While some of you may be able to just casually mention your interest and quickly find yourselves shopping for the right dildo, others will find that despite their best efforts, their partner won’t consider pegging…at all, period, end of discussion, case closed. If you can’t open your mouth and talk with your partner about sex, she is not going to magically intuit that you want to get fucked up the ass with a dildo.

Suggest that if there is something she’s wanted to try but hasn’t asked for yet, this would be a fine time to put it on the table, as you are very interested in pleasing her sexually in the way she wants to be pleased. Just be ready to put on the lace panties or paint her nails or whatever it is she wants.

As long as it is not a hard limit – it would behoove you to indulge her…just as you are asking her to indulge you. Start Off Slow Do go straight to asking her to fuck you in the ass with a dildo! Tell her again that you have discovered/read/heard that ass play feels really good for men and you want to explore it with her.

So even if your partner is not into anal at all – she could still be an enthusiastic pegger. So if your partner gladly slips a finger up your ass during a blow job but steadfastly refuses to let anything near her ass, this is still good news. Explore Her Ass First Two ways to do this…only you know your partner well enough to know which one might work best.

1) Get her incredibly horny (oral, kissing, nipple play, etc.) and ask if you can please, please, her ass.

She’s Not Into Anal This is a more difficult category, guys. Maybe she’s just totally grossed out by anything to do with excrement. Or…it could also be true that no one has ever played with her ass before (including you) and she just doesn’t know how pleasurable it can be.

Maybe you have a woman who has always refused anything anal; you touch her anus and she flinches or pulls away. Perhaps she was told as a child her anus is dirty and should never be touched. Or maybe it’s just as simple as she has not yet been able to open up and own her sexuality without being concerned about what other people think. yet that does not preclude their interest in fucking you!

The idea here is to get her used to ass play in general before asking her to peg you…and to wake her ass up to the pleasure potential there.