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The Committee on Medical Economics of the Illinois State Medical Society is anxious to ac- cumulate reliable data along this line, from dif- ferent parts of the state, as it will be of much value to us in our contacts with many groups in- terested in some of the phases of medical prac- tice. Local health officers would do well to hold regular meetings with the family doctors about them, inviting the group to round table discussions of diseases locally epidemic. Eight of nine surviving operation in Mixter’s collection died in 4 months to iy 2 years. In the desire to be fraternal to the rank and file from which by hard work, good judgment and self denial, they themselves have risen, these founders of foundationsr attempt to exercise paternal generosity to all the people. But when the idea in practice works so as to depreciate the fine sense of self-reliance and self- responsibility that has built up a nation of kings from a nation of paupers — not to mince words as to our earliest settlers — then the idea is vicious. King, Ray Woizeske, 211 Nowland St.; office, 2301 S. Kirby, David Dennison, Big Hollow Knoxville Rd.; office, 310)4 Liberty St. However a direct determ- ination of increased blood-pressure in the central retinal artery can be secured with Bailliart’s dynamometer. Ulcers have healed — or been cured — only to be succeeded by a new ulcer or crop of ulcers.

We need cohesiveness above all things if we would survive, and to this end should strive to live together peacefully and harmoniously, gen- eral practitioner, specialist and laboratory ex- pert, and thus repel the common enemy on a broader and stronger front. The above is a copy of a Resolution adopted by the Champaign County Medical Society March 11, 1926. No one knows, better than he, that in the treatment of illnesses the human, common sense side of medicine ranks as high, and prob- ably higher, than the ultrascientific side. PRESS SERVICE: 1,221 — Releases to Illinois Newspapers : 726 — Regular service. 61 — Releases on Scarlet Fever to newspapers of Adams, Coles, Champaign, Fayette, Kanka- kee, Mc Lean, Peoria, Tazewell counties. MISCELLANEOUS SERVICE: 245 — Card notices sent to physicians announcing Bu- reau County Medical Society November 7th meeting. One of the most vociferous proofs of the in- adequacy of state medicine, one of the most glaring testimonials against communistically conspired conditions for the United States of America lay in the hard-dying Sheppard-Towner act. Concentrating on the finest vessels best seen in the macular area, the ophthalmologist observes localized variations in caliber, “corkscrew” tortuosities, and increased “silver-wire” brightness of the arteriolar walls. I have the feeling that the modified method of Polya and Finsterer is the ideal one today. It carries with it a reasonable mortality, higher than that of gastro-enterostomv or excision of the ulcer, pyloroplasty, etc.

There are numerous parallels to this, with the profession of teaching as an example. We wish, in closing, to express our indebted- ness to Dr. The university that is not above practicing medicine in competition with its own graduates is not going to shed any tears when it comes to the point of establishing chem- ical laboratories of such a nature that university manufacture of drugs will be an irritant rival to existing factories for chemicals. The retinal blood-pressure tends to be greater on the side of the tumor. I am sure that today surgeons are agreed that removal of the gall-bladder is the logical procedure.

The modern medical laboratory is the answer to the need of physi- cians for information upon which to base an accurate diagnosis. Already manufacturers in many lines have felt the duress of trying to compete with mer- chandise thrown in the open market from the various factories from prisons or other tax-sup- ported, state controlled institutions. 6 In arteriosclerosis without hypertension, the main arterial branches are characteristically full and tortuous. May I point out to you that the segment of the gastro-intestinal tract including the lesser curvature and the first portion of the duodenum constitutes an organ analogous to the gall- bladder.

If improvements can be made in the system of doing business, this is tlie time when they are usually started. From the vast amount of data along economic lines which has been accumulated during the past few years, it is estimated that the American physicians are actually doing more than one mil- lion dollars worth of work each day which is con- sidered as charity work, and it is quite obvious that members of the Illinois State Medical So- ciety are doing their share of this work. In Mixter’s collection of 14 nephrectomized patients 13 are dead and one alive after 3 y 2 years. You hear doctors protesting against “lay con- trol of medicine.” Do you know what that means? OPHTHALMOSCOPIC FINDINGS IN CONDITIONS OF HYPERTENSION* James E. The earliest subjective symptoms are not infrequently visual. I wish to remind you that the surgical treat- ment of such ulcers carried out by the usual methods of limited surgical attack is directed to- ward the same purpose the internist carries out very effectively.