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Sex dating in winslow indiana

We don’t like gay marriage because it goes against our beliefs.

Appeals to religious liberty once made sense, but no longer. Taxpayer-funded Sexual Miseducation in the schools? It is not fair to individuals who are same sex attracted.

We need a different strategy: argue against the Sexual Revolution because it has hurt people. We are tacitly giving a pass to the earlier phases of the Sexual Revolution, by saying so little about them. And, it is intellectually incoherent, since the acceptance of genderless marriage actually depends upon our acceptance of those earlier phases of the Sexual Revolution.

A substantial number describe themselves as spiritual but not religious.

The American religious situation at the time of the American Founding was quite different.

They are not going to give up those views, in the absence of an attractive alternative.

Reason #2 why religious liberty arguments are not working: we are asking our fellow citizens to give up something they value, without offering anything they value in its place.

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James Madison spoke for most when he regarded religion as “the duty which we owe to our Creator and the manner of discharging it.” When so many people do not regard themselves as having any “duty to the Creator,” the social foundation that made religious liberty appealing or even intelligible, no longer exists.

So, Reason #1 why religious liberty arguments are not working: People who don’t believe in God, couldn’t give a rip whether we religious believers are inconvenienced in our religious practice.

I am a very committed, very public advocate of marriage as a gender-based institution.