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She favored jeans, usually tight, with her waist flowing into the curve of her hips.

I'd watch her walk toward me, taking stock of her outfit, admiring her body and the way her clothing accentuated her features.

Often her blouses featured her breasts, always work appropriate, but leaving no doubt that she was excellently endowed.

On the first day at my new job my boss walked around with me and introduced me to all of my new teammates.

Most of the names I immediately forgot, but one woman caught my attention almost immediately.

Dishwater blonde, wonderful curves accented by tight jeans and tall Mary Jane heels, Melissa immediately made an impression.

With great care to not ogle I returned her hello and continued making the rounds.

One night, at home while washing dishes, my phone dinged with a text message. Knowing she had gone out with a few coworkers that evening I answered "Fine.