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More than 3,500 suborbital flights took off from the range through 1989.

The Canadian Army conducted the first series of rocket firings at Fort Churchill in 1954.

CLA's position nearer the equator offers an advantage over Cape Canaveral.

The Canadian National Research Council operated the range along with the U. Air Force through it's contractor at the time, Pan American World Airways, operated the Churchill Rocket and Research Range in the Arctic on the Hudson Bay 15 miles east of the community of Churchill, Manitoba, which calls itself the polar bear capital of the world.

It would have three launch pads capable of sending medium-size satellites to orbit.

In 1996, Russia agreed to launch its Start rockets from Churchill, but the market for space launches dropped and plans are on hold.

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Australia Woomera Brazil Alcantara Canada Churchill China Jiuquan Xichang Taiyuan Europe Kourou France Hammaguir Kourou Great Britain Woomera India Sriharikota Iraq Al-Anbar Israel Palmachim Italy San Marco Japan Kagoshima Tanegashima Morocco Ben Guerir Norway Andoya Pakistan Russia Kapustin Yar Baikonur Plesetsk Svobodny Senegal Dakar South Africa Cape Town Spain Morón USA Cape Canaveral Kennedy Vandenberg Wallops Island Edwards Dryden Poker Flat Virginia Kodiak Mojave White Sands Sea Launch Southwest NASA HQ Johnson Goddard JPL Marshall Ames Langley Glenn Stennis JHU APL Los Alamos There are not many spaceports around the world.

Inside the capsule was China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei.