Start Taurus man dating aries woman

Taurus man dating aries woman

Being a true Aries I am long winded and have a lot to say, I will try and keep my comment short and to the point.

I am normally a straight shooter but I have been playing it cool with my Taurus man.

I keep hearing that they don't like to be "pushed" or rushed into anything so here I am, patient as ever and we are moving ever so slowly...!

As long as you compromise, and speed up your pace a little bit to keep up with them, it's a fun [email protected], really appreciate you taking the time to share!!

Also, my Grandmother was a Taurus, and two Aunts that are Sun Sign Taurus.

I want to be more vocal about my feelings but I often hold back because I'm afraid it will scare him. (you said you dated *plenty* of Aries women heheheh) I can't even remind him of these things because we are not officially together.

I hear you guys scare easily when too much emotion is shown? He's attentive and I don't doubt his feelings however, he does maintain a distance.

They're strong, fun, extroverted, fast paced, and sexy as hell.