Start Trouble updating iphone 4 to ios 5

Trouble updating iphone 4 to ios 5

The i OS 9.1 update crashed halfway through the first time around.

The keyboard problem, at least, can be solved by switching to a third-party application. It’s only a problem when typing on the keyboard, other audio, like Netflix or audio streaming, works perfectly.

The entire process (including clearing space, restarting the upgrade, and upgrading i Tunes) took about two hours.

I restored a backup of previous applications, notes, photos, and video once I had i OS 9.1 installed, which also added some additional time.

Under i OS 9.1, characteristic keyboard “clicks” aren’t transmitted as quickly as they should be.

Instead, they’re delayed and often crowd together at the end of a message.

Disabling both the “Predictive” option shown below improved performance, but there’s still a noticeable input lag between when I type a key on the default i OS keyboard and when the key appears.

This problem becomes particularly noticeable if you use a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

After jumping through the usual hoops of clearing enough space on the phone and backing it up, I was prompted to install the latest version of Apple’s i Tunes.