Start Updating and outdated home to sell

Updating and outdated home to sell

With more successful content you’ll be able to attract more free fans since you’ll get greater exposure in the news feed.

Once this is complete and you select “done editing” a link to your page will display on your profile.

Note: If your page is new and you do not have many fans you may not be able to set this link up.

Create a custom experience by asking your fans what kind of content and prizes they would like the most.

Really care about your fans and find ways to go above and beyond with the content and promotions you launch on your page.

This is known as a “share for a share” (or S4S) cross promotion.

For best results share a post before you reach out to show that you are serious about the promotion.

An e Book or e Course are two types of incentives that are excellent for attracting new fans.