Start Updating capital reporting record

Updating capital reporting record

Droughts typically build over time, but this year it was a “flash drought.” The extreme conditions built up rapidly over a two-to-three month period. Hurricanes and wildfires have also been seen in this historic year for weather.

Peters says dicamba is only one herbicide, and a complete weed resistance plan will help play to its strengths.

"It's important to realize some of those important weeds are resistant to glyphosate.

States like Arkansas, Minnesota and North Dakota are enforcing even more stringent rules for next year’s crop.

Everyone thinks of this as negative, but the freezing beet piles are the positive. This weekend may be as cold or even a few degrees colder than what we’ve experienced a few days ago.” Ritchison says next week will most likely be cold as well.

Gulke Goup owner Jerry Gulke says that’s the biggest lesson of 2017. In the last several years, it’s made a world of difference in making money and not making money.” Little Things Make the Difference — Stewart Peterson Senior Market Advisor Brian Doherty says the little things might make the difference between profit and loss in the year ahead. “Early on, if you can get rallies and sell into them, get the ball rolling and hope that’s your worst sale, lots of times those early sales will turn out to be pretty good. Those first sales are generally the hardest, but once they’re in place, it gets easier to add to them.” Canola Minute — Here's the latest Canola Minute from the Northern Canola Growers Association. Farmer Financial Health — Farmers are making year-end decisions and planning for 2018, which involves working with their ag banker.

Looking ahead to 2018, Gulke says there’s an incentive or disincentive to plant other crops. Farmer Mac Senior Vice President of Ag Finance Curt Covington says every borrower fits into one of four categories.

The nomination of Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey for an undersecretary role has been put on hold by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, which has become an example of the numerous vacancies at USDA and throughout the administration. Since being sworn in on April 25, Perdue has visited 30 states and six foreign countries.

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