Start Updating ipod touch to 2 2

Updating ipod touch to 2 2

O out of 250 The first link doesnt work for me, I tried it from other people too and it's always the

but when i try to open it it always show an error saying that couldnt restore my ipod because the file was broken.. I tried this with itunes 9.1 and my itouch version is 1.15, i tried it and i got the error message "the ipod could not be restored because the firmware is uncombatible" or something close to that.

So, this is my attempt to provide some decent instructions on how to update your i Pod Touch or i Phone to the latest 2.2.1 firmware. The annoying part about it though is my connection to Apple’s servers is less than stellar. The problem is that some fancy Googleing doesn’t show any real documentation on the i Pod or i Phone support sites over at Apple. The first part of the solution is obtaining the files.

If you’ve tried to do this already within i Tunes, you may have noticed that the upgrade is big. I was averaging a 2 hour download and, with the local library’s internet connection flaky, it kept timing out over and over again. For this, you need to figure out where the files are on the Apple servers.

itunes then was able to recognize the touch and I could restore back to the original firmware version (1.1.1) you will lose all your stuff, but I got it working again - just did it last night! like im doing it rite now and i guess by the time you answer, is gonna be too late, oh well:] more information for later veiwers:] my touch is restoring rite now and it shows the apple, and a bar(partialy filled) is that the loading bar for when its finished?