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Updating panasonic blue ray player

Multipixel Luminance Generation and Intelligent Detail Processing render intense brightness and contrast.

A magnesium alloy full die-cast armor frame makes the body lightweight yet durable while bringing ruggedness to the compact size. High Durability Shutter Unit The shutter unit is durable for approx. Not only does it offer the highest shutter speed at max.

1/8000 to capture fast-moving 'spur-of-the-moment' shots but when used with fast aperture lenses - even outdoors - it gives impressive de-focus. 20.3MP Pixels The LUMIX GH5 packs a real punch with its high performance 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor to achieve incredible picture.

VFR (Variable Frame Rate) The VFR lets you record videos with dramatic slow motion or unique quick motion in 4K (60fps max.2.5x slower) or Full HD (180fps max.7.5x slower) quality, such as 180 fps / 7.5x*. Rack Focus Transition The Focus Transition function automatically shifts the focus point at a constant speed for precise in-focus to out-focus points - for example background to foreground - to give you an impressive 'rack focus' motion picture effect.