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Notwithstanding, it has been visited by humans since their hunter-gatherer days many thousands of years ago throughout history to the present day.

But these cannot compare to being at their source, where the mineral-rich waters and the thermal springs that flow into the sea hold healing and beautifying powers, as well as the unique and special atmosphere of the surrounding Judean desert, have attracted health-seekers for millenia.

The special climatic conditions of the region, and the majesty and serenity of the surrounding desert induce a general feeling of well-being in the healthy and ailing alike. Rainfall amounts to no more than 50mm (two inches) a year.

Today, the settlement cultivates winter crops, tropical fruit and date plantations. Mar Saba Monastery : One of the most incredible sights of the desert a monastery erected in the gorge of Nahal Kidron in the sixth century C. (access only by jeep)Ein Gedi Field School : Operated by the Society for the Protection of Nature; serves as research and tour centre for Judean Desert and Dead Sea coast; houses a hostel, study rooms and exhibition of local fauna and flora as well as archaeological and geological finds. Ein Gedi : Kibbutz, founded 1953; oldest of modern Israeli settlements in the region; cultivates winter crops, tropical fruit and date plantations; operates various industries and offers tourist services such as a fine guesthouse and therapeutic baths.

Almog : Kibbutz founded 1977; named after Yehuda A1mog, one of the Dead Sea region's pioneers. Nahal David : Unique Nature Reserve, the biblical oasis which provided David with refuge from King Saul. Hamme Mazor (Ein Gedi Hot Springs) : Therapeutic bathing facilities (pools) attached to the beach; contain hot sulphuric water from nearby mineral springs, renowned for their beneficial qualities for treatment of diseases of muscles and joints.

Car rental companies, travel agents and tour offices offer services to cater for those wishing to explore the many attractions of the surrounding area, both with and without local guides.

Ein Bokek is now a modern oasis and panacea for health seekers and tourists alike, and lies in stark contrast to the barren, rugged and genesis landscape of the Judean Desert Cliffs surrounding the area.

In addition, the hot sulphur springs along the shores of the Dead Sea and the deposits of medicinal mud, provide treatment for a number of ailments, such as psoriasis, arthritis, rheumatism, dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis and vitiligo.

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