Start Wwe superstars who are dating

Wwe superstars who are dating

Edge won 31 titles over the course of his career and Beth was one of the well-loved Divas from the WWE.

What’s funny about these two is that Lita was a huge inspiration for AJ in her career. Chyna and Triple H had a very rocky relationship in the 90’s and early 2000’s where she made claims that he physically abused her, which he denied.

There’s nothing worse than being the third wheel, and this sounds like the familiar annoyance of friends in a budding romance!

It makes sense that the two would eventually hook up. Actually, let’s be honest – who hasn’t CM Punk slept with?

She did eventually return to the show to work with Cody.

They later wrote the couple’s engagement into the show, firing Rhodes just in time for him to take a honeymoon.

Reed, who went by the name Eden Stiles while she was the ring announcer for Smack Down, was overflowing with excitement for their relationship but made sure to keep it under wraps until she was free from her contract.

The first time she left the WWE in 2011 she publicly announced that she was “Cody’s girl” with pride.

For Alicia, getting over Wade was so hard because he was her first love. Unfortunately, Wade just didn’t see a future with her and knew it was for the best to end the relationship.